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Gujarat SSC Board | Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board or GSEB is a govt of Gujarat body accountable for identifying the policy-related, management, intellectual, and perceptive route the state's higher academic system takes.
There are mainly 4 tasks that GSEB hold during academic year.

1. Academic
2. Examinations 
3. Results 
4. Research & Development 

Academic :- The main educational task of GSEB is the planning of curriculum for additional educational institutions and also the professional suggestions of text-books to be trained in government educational institutions. GSEB also functions the responsibilities of realising new educational institutions, overall performance assessment of educational institutions and examinations of various educational institutions associated with the board.

Examinations :- The GSEB performs 2 main exams - The Secondary School Certificate(SSC) examination for Conventional 10 and the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) examination for Conventional 12 students in Gujarat. The Panel also maintains a Ability Search for learners of Std VIII & IX in five significant topics every year.

Results :- GSEB also declared results whose exams conducted by them like Gujarat SSC Board  Result and Gujarat HSC Board Result.

Research & Development :- (The R&D category of the Board takes up studies, and posts analysis documents. It performs classes for checking authorities and professors and other functionaries in of Additional Knowledge. It posts a monthly journal named 'Madhyamik Shikshan & Parikshan', containing articles on various the process of Additional Knowledge. This journal is published among all the Educational institutions in the State absolutely free. It also performs Educational Section examinations, to bring up the quality of schools determined as low-performing).

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